Ensuring Your Fire Services Are Running At Optimal Levels Can Save Lives

It is critical that the fire services and systems in your commercial, industrial or residential building are operating at optimal levels and can control a fire until emergency services arrive on the scene.

The specialists at Vic Plumbing & Drainage can design, install, test and maintain your fire services, ensuring that they can be relied upon when an emergency occurs. Our team can design and install fire services such as hydrants and hose reels. Correctly fitted and well-maintained fire services will give you peace of mind, know that the building, people and assets inside of it are protected.


Supply and installation of:

  • In-ground fire systems
  • Fabrication and installation of fire hydrants and hose reel systems (generally on factories and commercial projects)
  • Water meter setups and tappings to incorporate fire service
  • Booster assemblies
  • Fire service maintenance and repairs

Note: We do not offer any sprinkler services at this time

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